Business Liability Insurance

Public & Products

Quite simply, a business cannot operate without public and products liability Insurance. Claims made against any businesses can be very unpredictable and can have the potential to impact future livelihood. Whether you retail, manufacture, or distribute products or provide services, KWI have a variety of options available through our network of insurers.

Professional Indemnity

Providing a fee for any advice you give to another party exposes an individual or a business to having legal action taken against them should their professional duty be breached. Professional indemnity can insure you and your business for these legal costs and cover any potential settlements that may be involved. Whether you’re managing a construction project, or creating an editorial for a local newspaper, KWI have specialist insurers to cover a wide range of industries and professions.

Management Liability

There are many challenges in the day-to-day operation of a business. Management liability insurance provides the directors and owners of a business a safety net for claims arising against them for the alleged mismanagement of their business operations. The financial impacts of a legal dispute will not only affect you and your business, but those close to you. From OH&S investigations on worksites, to defense costs following a harassment or discrimination claim, the KWI team can guide you through a range of policy options to provide you peace of mind.