Motor Insurance

Domestic Motor

When it comes to insurance for your vehicle, a policy specifically designed to suit your needs is a must. Whether your vehicle is simply a means of transport or your pride and joy, KWI have access to products with broad coverage, underwritten by leading insurers that provide you with confidence in the claim process in the event of an accident or damage.

Commercial Motor

KWI has access to a network of leading insurers for commercial and business use vehicles. No matter what your occupation, you can have comfort in knowing your claim will be actioned promptly and efficiently, so you can back to business as soon as possible.

Fleet Motor

Not only do KWI cover your domestic and commercial motor vehicles, we also insure motor fleets. Our policy options are designed to over prime movers, mobile plant and machinery, and even golf carts! KWI have access to a network of industry leading insurers that understand exactly what you need to cover in order to provide you protection when you need it most.

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